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Getting an Assessment

When you feel it is the right time for you to explore this area, our team would be glad to assist.

Before we begin..

All assessments are completed by a registered psychologist and are often covered by insurance. Double checking is a good idea, it will say on your online benefits. There can sometimes be guidelines on limits per day, but we can be flexible on how we write our receipts to help if we can. 


Assessments typically require up to two 3 hour sessions.

The psychologist then takes the results from the testing and write up a report. In this report there are accommodation recommendations that should be given to the school to help them and yourself.


When the report is complete (typically 4 weeks) it is followed by a 1 hour appointment to go over the results. 

ADHD/Anxiety and Depression Assessment

This assessment is recommended for individuals 18 years of age and older. 


We offer two tiers of assessments

A Psycho Educational Assessment

This covers ADHD, anxiety, depression, cognitive delays, and intellectual disabilities. If you are in school, this is the recommended assessment to be able to ask for academic accommodations. This assessment is available for those ages 5 to 99 years of age.


Assessment completed with adult autism also available for those aged 18 years and older.


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