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New Beginnings

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Spring and the beginners mindset.

I love being a student because it takes the pressure off needing to know everything and being the most effective therapist.

While I know being the most effective therapist is unattainable and unrealistic, I still struggle with a need to know more and more so that I can support people in the most effective and beneficial way. The struggle for me is needing to know everything, but also not needing to know everything and this is why I appreciate being a student as it is an intentional space for curiosity and wonder. This brings me to SPRING! Spring is all about new beginnings and change. The dark, cold and sometimes isolating winters are coming to an end and there are hopes for better days.

Spring changes also remind me that all things are always changing, and so in a way, everything is always new. When things are always new or there are different subtleties we are, in essence, always learning, and a student of life, which by default may mean failing many times.

In my days as a practicum student I stumbled upon a new view of failing: First Attempt In Learning.

When things are always changing, evolving, transforming, adopting, embracing change and failing has been a great approach to growing.

I value spring as my external reminder of new beginnings, and a beginners' mindset. Spring helps me to be mindful of my need to know more and the value of always learning. When we “know” things, then, in a way, it can lead us to be more closed-minded. So here is to embracing changes, and taking on an attitude of not needing to know it all, and being a student of life. Like winter, my practicum came to an end April 1st, 2023. Like spring, new changes are happening here as well at Anderson Dupuis Wellness. After April 1st, I will working with Anderson Dupuis Wellness and my schedule will be opening up not as a student but as a contracted counsellor!

I look forward to connecting with you in your new beginnings!

Embracing change and First Attempts In Learning can support your wellness. If you find you could use support in this area of your life, feel free to reach out to Anderson Dupuis Wellness.

New beginnings, change, and learning prompts:

  • How do you view failing?

  • How adaptable to change do you feel you are?


“Tom Vanderbilt’s book explores how to learn completely new skills, how to change our world - even after we’re supposed to be done with schooling. This is a book about how to become a beginner again, and it makes you want to plunge in with both feet.”

"A wonderful and inspirational book. The only thing that will make you put it down is a burning desire to try something new. It's full of the sort of encouragement and wisdom that bridges the small, tricky gulf between enthusiasm and action. A book that will launch thousands of journeys that might not otherwise have happened and prove life-changing for many who take those first steps."


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