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Fall in Love With Autumn as it's Time to Boost Your Mental Wellbeing

As the seasons change, you may notice a shift in your mental health.

We’ve put together some helpful guidance on how to manage the transition to autumn and avoid it negatively impacting mental health...

Written by Marcie Dupuis, MSW, RSW (SK)

Estimated read time: 2min

Do you ever feel weighed down when the fall season hits?

You aren’t alone, it is very common to feel overwhelmed when the seasons change; in particular after summer ends.

Reasons the fall season can be difficult…

More hours of darkness~ Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) pops up when the days become shorter and the nights longer.


Make it a priority to get vitamin D! Whether that is through a walk outside, using a happy ‘blue’ light, AND make sure to take adequate vitamin D supplement.

The beginning of a new school year~ Brings a new dynamic of friendships and responsibilities. Extra curriculars are back to ‘normal’ which makes this season a busier one than the last few. Make sure to figure out what is priority and what could be put on hold.


Keep an eye on your sleep schedule! When we try to change our sleep, sometimes it can take a bit for our brains to catch up. In the interim it can be difficult to manage less sleep and extra life responsibilities!

Knowing that cold and flu season is coming up~ Going into this season is remembering that germs are in overdrive (even pre pandemic). Since Covid though, getting an everyday cold has taken on a new meaning.


Ensuring you are taking care of yourself physically and mentally makes sure that your immune system is in top shape. Do some things that bring you joy but also say no to things to have time for yourself! Balance is key.

Reframing your outlook can do wonders. As things feel more difficult to manage, reach out for support and be aware of what is going on!

Photo: Wanuskewin Heritage Park

If you feel you’re struggling or are worried about someone you care about, contact someone on our counselling team for mental health support.

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